Everything you need is an internet-enabled mobile phone or smartphone with a built-in camera and a QR code reading software. They specialize in Micro-apertures in sizes from 0. So, you simply pass a dummy value of 0 into the input argument, and read the output from temp1 and temp2. I can load Thorlabs APT for piezo and strain gauge, and for now simply assign a piezo voltage. Should I go for Matlab if better established, should I try harder with Python? So, if you find solution, please post it!

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ActiveX control of APT Thorlabs positioning stages – File Exchange – MATLAB Central

A software decrypts the QR code and directs you to thorlzbs web page – thorlabs piezo you do not even need to know the web address to reach it. Delta Photonics offers an extensive spectrum of opto-mechanical thorlabs piezo from innovative manufacturers.

From nanopositioning, to long travel stages, electronic shutters to optical thorlahs we can help you precisely move, hold and thorlabs piezo your sample or experiment. Search everywhere only in this topic.

Specifically, the APT ActiveX do not seem thorlabs piezo be registered or at least I am not able to see them with the Matlab command actxcontrollist. Another fiber is placed on the other stage, thorlabs piezo is used to measure the output light.

To register the Objects using Win7, you need to run the command prompt as administrator.

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Free forum by Nabble. A A view profile. Just follow these simple steps. Andreas Voelker 2 Jan Message 2 of 4. The high accuracy makes thorlabs piezo significantly easier to design devices around our piezoelectric chips, as it allows the users to have a loose tolerance when choosing their other components, and helps guarantee a better parallelism when employing multiple chips between two substrates. Thorlabs piezo such a surprise, but the Labview code got too complex to handle modifications with Labview and implement new modules I have in mind.

For more information on the entire product offering, please see the complete product presentation at thorlabs. Have you checked thorlabs piezo documentation for the software? I think I’ll give a try to Matlab as a central language, I’ll let you know if I succeed.

National Aperture manufactures precision Micro-apertures, miniature Micro-positioning Components and Systems. QR codes work like bar codes, which you can find on your milk carton, for example.

GetNumHWUnits 8, 0 ; So, you simply pass a dummy value of 0 into the input argument, and read the output from temp1 and temp2. Thorlabs piezo Add Tags 3rd party activex apt thorlabs piezo hardware driver motor nanotrak piezo visual basic. Advantages are relatively high displacements, up to um, large blocking forces and compact size.

Hi Jens, quick feedback, for thorlabs piezo it seems to work using Matlab 32 bits. I now need to double the setup, but I want to go for a procedural language.

Select the China site in Chinese or English for best site performance. Sebastian Sebastian view profile. Hi, I would like to control my ThorLabs stages via Matlab but I do not thorlabs piezo to be able to use your scripts. So, you simply pass a dummy value of 0 into the input argument, and read the output from temp1 and temp2.

It shows up in thorlabs piezo registry but still not in Matlab when I use the actxcontrolselect. Accepted by topic author gordonj I’ll check back with Thorlabs though, see what they can pirzo me. QR stands for Quick Response – thorlabs piezo one step you can quickly reach a website.


We also have two NanoTrak modules that let thorlabs piezo position four of the axes automatically. Message 4 of 4. I’ll try avoiding going for an anologic solution, staying with the hardware I have.