This will take time. Without going into too much detail here, this issue manifests itself by a noticeable black ghosting when moving a light coloured object over a dark background. Dell will not be releasing information about what they have found to be the root cause until the manufacturer gives them the go-ahead. Continue to next page 01 Testing the screen with colour gradients showed nice smooth transitions between colour shades, and no detectable banding. This is obviously down to personal preference, but I find it a nice level for regular office and Windows use. From the sides, the image remained good, even at extreme angles, and this was the same when moving vertically.

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The only reason we can come up with not to buy it is if you desperately need p over component. See all 2 refurbished listings. This was followed by an email to those who have posted in the DCF thread and further points raised on the forums.

Place the ICM file downloaded above into here: Some users have reported them with evidence on their new screens, and many others are seeing no such issues. Then, we must send it to the 2407wfpphc to get corrective actions. An HDMI interface would have been a nice addition.

I noticed dark “after-images” from any light-colored objects that passed across a dark texture on my screen. From the triangle on the left hand side CIE diagram of the report above, you can tell that the gamut covers more than the sRGB colour space, with a particular improvement in the green shades.

It’s a clean-enough design that doesn’t quite have the aesthetic polish of an Apple displaybut it’s suitable for display in any environment. The WFP-HC is certainly capable of offering some pretty good colour accuracy making it suitable for graphic and photo work if necessary.

Dell 2407WFP-HC LCD Monitor

The jist of it is that there will not be another revision of this monitor produced with a ‘fix’. An important thing to consider for most users is how a screen will perform out of the box and with some basic manual adjustments.

Chris also later clarified a few points for the users: The images above show the best case example on the left hand side, and the worst case example on the right hand side. The inch Samsung CF is a great size for gaming, pairs well with midrange Radeon It’s not something which every user notices, but if you are concerned, I would consider either purchasing a regular WFP model, or waiting for a hopeful fix.

In practice, the screen felt more comfortable and less harsh on the eyes at these settings. Thankfully the 2407wfph technology is strong in this regard.

If no complaints from staff installing, then all is good!! This should please everyday users and amateur photographers alike, although colour professionals 2407wfpc probably still keep a properly calibrated CRT somewhere for safety.

Dell WFP-HC LCD Monitor | eBay

Sell monitors always seem to attract a lot of attention, and not without good reason. As usual, this is maybe an issue for some serious gamers, but probably not to most normal users. Show More Show Less. Gamma was spot on at 2. This problem seems to often fix issues with green trailing, but most users report it has little to no effect on the black ghosting issue which seems more severe.

Once 2407fwphc is released you would probably need to arrange a swap with Dell if you have issues with your current screen, since upgrading yourself is very unlikely to be possible. Skip to main content. This means the item has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working order and is in excellent condition.

This is a wider gamut than regular backlighting can offer, and confirms the screen is using enhanced CCFL’s.

Dell UltraSharp WFP-HC Specs – CNET

This is how to activate the profile within Windows: In fact, it is Samsung’s 6ms G2G generation which showed the most improvement in practice compared with the non-overdriven generation of PVA panels. The sixth “HC” revision increases the image quality once more by bringing High Colour to the table, meaning the screen 2407wtphc capable of displaying 92 percent of the NTSC colour gamut, compared to the percent of old. We’ll come onto the colour analysis later as well, but first let’s take a look at the listed spec for this screen: It seems that several users are reporting this problem, but others are not seeing it drll their screens.

The materials are all of high quality, and the screen feels sturdy and well built. Then more recently on the 5th Sept he said drll I am currently waiting for the official response to this issue from my Displays Product Group.