SWRI contributes extensive experience in networking as well signal exploitation. Couplers that are fiber-based would be ideal devices, since they are compact, environmentally stable and lightweight. This sensor has an extended range for size and concentration measurements when compared with commercially available particle sensors. Multimode seekers are receiving significant attention as a way to provide more capability in the same package. Fully bench characterized performance metrics of the CSAC can thus be used early in the Phase I development and simulation process. The structure’s modular components will allow for relocation of windows, doors, and equipment access with no diminution in performance criterion.

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Several high fidelity models currently exist to model these physical processes and innovative approaches will be developed to successfully couple these models into an existing state of the art CFD code. Technology Service Corporation S. Wheat Ridge, CO Phone: Boc sensor will be packaged in a rugged enclosure that will fit directly onto the barrel.

The traditional trade study preparatory to architecture, class, and device selection and then circuit design is a consideration of the boa space where each of these metrics is an axis. Using an intuitive user interface, the warfighter can navigate through the virtual world bocq running, walking, or examining objects close up.

The NLOS launch system is a vertically launched system that is unique because it highly portable, provides transportation and launch shock isolation, and does not require an external plume management system. These structurally reactive materials can then be consolidated into shapes where they are structurally sound, highly energetic and reactive, with ignition properties that are predictive and controlled. In particular, lpg of powders to create preforms for later thermal processing is significantly hampered by the low bulk density, tendency towards agglomeration and poor flow characteristics of these powders.

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The fundamental sensitivity of the magnetometer in the SERF mode using a 10x10x10 cm vapor cell is 0. The proposed baseline approach tunes the carrier frequency around the water absorption line to cloak the transmission beyond the required link range. We will model the configuration of the stem region of West Nile virus WNV making contact with domain II, using a process that we used successfully with dengue virus DV serotype 1. The objective of this proposal is to determine the efficacy of topical application of human recombinant heat shock protein Hsp90alpha and derived lp in promoting the wound healing process.

Cooling systems based on graphite foam are promising because graphite is lightweight and has high thermal conductivity. The self-healing characteristic will maintain the superhydrophobicity of the coating as the unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs undergo wear and tear as a result of routine operations.

Blood Purification for Organ Failure Abstract: Under the proposed research effort, we will develop, implement and test AJ technology llt will be applicable to aviation GPS receivers mounted on small platforms.

The additional requirement to perform inspection polish and characterize ALON and spinel dome blanks prior to final fabrication is further tsp the cost of producing these domes. The Phase II program will further develop the concept into a detailed system and will mitigate risks identified in the Phase I through testing of prototype devices and component hardware.

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In the Phase I effort, evaluation of the existing Spytek system would be completed. TRX is focused solely on developing algorithms and technology for effective, accurate, location and tracking solutions in GPS denied environments.

Several proof-of-concept SMFB plies will be fabricated and used to demonstrate the fusion bonding technique. The focus of the proposed effort is on the design of affordable active phased array sensors at Ku- and Ka- bands.

Simply put, the problem of RF power generation gets more difficult with increasing power level, increasing frequency, increasing bandwidth, and ltp efficiency with fixed system prime power and thermal constraints. In the Phase I program, we will develop an initial system design, investigate and test system components, perform analyses of human factors and develop recommended command sets, demonstrate a novel unconventional eye tracker, demonstrate new approaches for controlling the display and the UGS, and develop an initial design of the Phase II prototype.

These fibers have been used in IRCM systems with great success and can bocca used to develop power couplers in the desired wavelength band.

Current approaches for protecting military facilities and personnel from biological threats lpf involve installations of particulate filtration for fixed facilities or individual protection equipment IPE. Our moving vehicle imaging technology fzp produces high-quality, wide dynamic range moving vehicle imagery with minimal impact on sensor area coverage rate.

This sensor has an extended range for size and bboca measurements when compared with commercially available particle sensors. Recent research suggests activated carbon fibers ACFs are an optimal platform for continuous chemical protection due to high capacity and rapid rates of adsorption and desorption.

In Phase I, the design will be studied in-depth to compare to state-of-the-art alternatives. In Phase II, POC plans to develop a cumulative moisture sensor prototype and evaluate the process through fabrication and testing of the prototype. These systems, comprised of edge-located clients and cloud-based services, provide the capabilities and opportunity to create better situational awareness throughout the kill chain. In Phase 1 the Company will determine the feasibility of developing a wide area protection system consisting of a sensor and wireless network to detect and communicate the presence of a biological threat and BioBlowers to neutralize the threat.

Radar range determines the standoff distance and the range at which a target can be engaged. The objective of this project is to investigate the feasibility of several novel, very low-volume and high dynamic response control surface actuation device concepts for gun-fired munitions and mortars that consume very small amount of electrical energy for their operation.

The AISTS builds on state-of-the-art spectrum data analysis, embedded low power sensors, advanced and high performance pattern recognition techniques, wireless communication interfaces tailored for metal enclosures, and energy harvesting schemes.