We strongly recommend against the use of this feature. This is a reserved value and is used by the printer to indicate there is no subnet. Using the TEST button will move you over to the next numeric value. Include the appropriate IP addresses so we can identify the printer and server packets. Run this installer using Run as Administrator to install the driver packages in Windows. If your desired ticket size is unavailable, you will need to add your own page size as follows: Choose the appropriate setting.

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Boca Systems – Ticket Printers, Kiosk Printers

Though it should never be the case, there was once an instance where two Boca Printers had the same MAC. Environment Languages About Us Contact. Printer Models adjustable vs. This driver is typically used by certain ticketing systems that use web browsers to send non-graphic, FGL commands to the printer.

The syntax of the command is: If the interface is not running in promiscuous mode, it won’t see any traffic that isn’t intended to be seen by your machine.

This command permanently changes the Subnet Mask for the network and stores it in flash. If you are having a problem using LPR mode make sure the ‘byte counting enabled’ option is set. These drivers only work with all standard BOCA printers built from forward. After a total of s, the Boca will send a RST packet and terminate the connection.

Sample Code

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Determine if you are losing packets.

Please note that margins must be adjusted to avoid printing outside of the ticket boundaries. The network interface can be designed for full bi-directional communication and is the only means of working with a printer independent of a PC.

This command returns the MAC number Ethernet address for the printee in the form.

With the exception of the limited resident font and bar code choices, these drivers install and operate similarly to the FGL drivers. LPQ – requests printer status.


The printer will reset the open connection after seconds of inactivity if another application is seeking to communicate with the printer. Printer Driver Installation Guides Windows Driver Install Guide Uninstall Drivers In the event that you accidentally install the wrong driver, it may be necessary to completely remove all traces of the old driver files in order to successfully install printeg new driver.

Please note the manner in which the printer formats the ticket in the various scenarios shown below. Can you send us a copy of the packet traffic at the point it fails? However, the HP drivers have slightly different margin definitions and lack many of the features supported in the BOCA drivers – vendor defined page sizes, customer defined page sizes, etc. Select Local Printer attached to this computer. Please use a BOCA defined page size if it meets your requirements.

This would work on all directly connected networks. If it does, you should ask whoever supplied the driver for the interface the vendor, or the supplier of the OS you’re running on your machine whether it supports promiscuous mode with that network interface.

The printer driver interprets the data from the application and writes to the port parallel, serial, USB or Ethernet. Old FGL printers may not support the use of printer drivers.

Once the Subnet has been set either automatically or by the customer it will remain set. Double click Add Printer.

The programming manual is available here for printing a simple text and cut the ticket you would pass the following command: However, the printer will not accept the command if it is busy, so nothing is usually returned until the printer is ready again. The Subnet Mask is used by the printer to determine if the destination is on a connected network direct route.

Normally, after 2s, the Boca printer will retransmit data that has failed to be acknowledged by the Host TCP. FGL Drivers contained in tls-boca-systems-driver-windows.

This is the preferred lrinter whenever a vendor defined size is not available. Are you able to monitor the Ethernet traffic between the Host and printer?